How TRANSPORT DEZOTHEZ increased his drivers’ daily deliveries from 140 to 210 [Case Study #1]

As we mentioned in our last blogpost, the festive period, especially the peak at Christmas, can be very challenging for delivery companies. Santa Claus does not exist, nor do his reindeers, thus they are overwhelmed by thousands of orders, making the timely delivery of packages a real struggle.

This year is no exception and Jerome, the founder of TRANSPORT DEZOTHEZ, a delivery company based in France, tells us about his recurring toils:

Every year it gets tougher and tougher. Obviously, it’s linked to the internet boom. People are buying online now. I have to deliver up to 1200 orders every day during Christmas compared to 600 in normal season.

In this case study, we will tell you the thought-provoking story explaining how URBANTZ helped Jerome increase his drivers’ capability by 50%, focusing on the favorable benefits he feels would be of great advantage to other delivery companies.


Jerome Dezothez is the founder of EURL TRANSPORT DEZOTHEZ. His fleet counts 8 vehicles and 9 employees. Ironically, even though he feels very enthusiastic about technologies and uses them daily, he had never thought to search for a specific IT tool to help structure his delivery activities. This may seem hard to believe nowadays but before he gave URBANTZ a try he was doing everything on paper…

When paper and tables showed their limits

In the past I used to create paper road maps in Microsoft Word. I printed and distributed them to my employees. Each driver had his own specific sector with a sizeable amount of orders. The most difficult part was to onboard and integrate new employees efficiently simply because they had to have a certain knowledge of the village they were delivering to, or they would get completely lost.

To organize his teams Jerome also devised his own personal methodology, the rudimentary dinner table method.

Each table represents a village and has a certain number of orders on it. Believe me, I know delivery companies that were much less organized than I was, they didn’t even bother to use tables at all.

Yet, despite being keen on organizing his teams well and making sure they have the right information, Jerome argues that,

At some point, I realized I couldn’t improve any more. When I was offered to test the URBANTZ solution for free, I took the opportunity without any hesitation. That’s how I learnt about URBANTZ. I didn’t have to make any prior investment as it was free the first month. Nicolas, a member of the URBANTZ team, explained everything and was at hand to answer all my questions so I could quickly understand how the app worked. Each time I was struggling, I told them what went wrong, and they improved it immediately.

Time-saving onboarding for new Employees

Before, it took me 3 months for the onboarding of new employees. With URBANTZ, I only need 2 days. If I decide to hire new people tomorrow, I know it will only take me 2 days to get them ready to go. One day to explain the PDA (our client’s tool to synchronize delivery statuses) and another to explain them the URBANTZ app. Thus, they achieve to deliver at a rate of around 18 orders per hour very quickly.” Moreover, new recruits don’t even need to know the sector beforehand. As Jerome articulates, “URBANTZ does everything for you. You only need to scan every order in the morning and URBANTZ does the rest.

Making his integration process more efficient, Jerome can grow his business while preserving his qualitative standard and operational excellence.

Optimization of daily deliveries

This is magical. The app does everything for you.

Jerome likes to go along with his employees, recalling one of his experiences he remembers;

Last year, one of my employees struggled to deliver 140 orders per day during the Christmas period. She told me delivering more was close to, if not impossible. Yesterday, in the exact same amount of time, she completed 70 more orders than the year before, increasing her productivity by 50 percent! 210 orders using URBANTZ compared to 140 last year without URBANTZ. This means she achieved an average of 23 orders an hour.

URBANTZ takes you right in front of the house. You don’t have to do anything. No need to look at street’s name or studiously explore city maps.

The whole package: traceability and flexibility

This is great. I know in real-time where my employees are.

URBANTZ enables Jerome to track all his employees in real time, in order to see what village they are in and which orders they are delivering. “Every morning we scan every shipment, URBANTZ does the rest for us afterwards, telling us who’s going where and in what order. Scanning every shipment takes a bit of time but we recuperate this when delivering. “ This morning, one of Jerome’s employee had an issue being tasked to deliver 345 orders. The delivery process was already initiated but Jerome wanted to split his road map in two so he could help his employee. URBANTZ allowed him to do that in few clicks.

URBANTZ has become essential

Once you’ve tasted URBANTZ, you can’t do without it

I couldn’t deliver the same qualitative service without URBANTZ anymore. Since we’ve been using the app, I even do deliveries myself from time to time. Before it was out of the question. Now I go deliver from time to time without any apprehension or stress.

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