Which delivery company should you choose that best suits your needs?

If you have to ship numerous parcels and you have chosen to outsource the deliveries to a third-party delivery company, you certainly want to make sure that your parcels have been delivered without any damages. Which delivery company should you choose that best fulfils your requirements? Here are 5 aspects/factors that you should consider when choosing a delivery company.

1. Service types

Firstly, the delivery company has to suit shipping requirements of the product you want to ship. It is important that they are well equipped to handle your product. For example, are they able to handle the size of the parcels, are they able to handle your shipment quantities, can they deliver at all your destinations?

But what are the different delivery service types and what are their competitive advantages?

Let’s assume you have to ship large volumes of parcels over long distances. You will thus need to consider a regional or a national freight carrier. However, if you offer same-day deliveries of rather small packages within your local area, then consider a local carrier or a messenger service.

2. Insurance

To prevent legal issues, it is important that a delivery company be licensed and properly insured. You want to make sure that your consignments are in safe hands, especially if they have a high monetary value. Hence, remember to ask the carrier about their security policy (e.g. do they leave packages unattended? Are all their vehicles and drivers traceable?). A reliable delivery company needs to follow some safety measures in order to meet their customers’ requirements.

Furthermore, it seems better to choose a carrier that provides a tracking system in order to monitor each and every package and thus coordinate with your customers regarding their shipping and delivery concerns. No more running around for information, it has to be accessible and simple for any user requiring it.

3. Speed

Nowadays, fast delivery has a distinctive value to the customer. When evaluating your method of shipment, consider how quickly your parcels need to arrive at your customer's door. For example, if you opt for a local carrier which does not guarantee service level agreements, you will end up taking the risk that the delivery time exceeds the expected time. Therefore, make sure to choose carriers that possess their own fleet and can deliver your parcels in due time.

Check out each and every company’s guaranteed speed of delivery, as enterprises usually provide diverse services among the following: express delivery, standard delivery, overnight delivery or same-day delivery. Select one of the companies that matches your needs and costs.

4. Fair price

The price the carrier advertises is usually not the final price, as there may be hidden costs that can raise it considerably. Do not forget to take that into account when making your selection.

5. Notoriety & experience

You will need a carrier that will never let you down, as you could damage your reputation or affect your brand notoriety because of their potential unreliability. Check the reviews of a prospective delivery company and ask for a reference.

You can also ask the various delivery companies, whether or not they are offering proof of delivery (e.g. signature, delivery slip, picture) as well as a track & trace solution, as it will enhance your customers’ satisfaction.  


In this article, you have learned to select a delivery company based on the following factors:

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