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URBANTZ | Manage and optimise your last mile delivery

Making first
last mile delivery

Regain control of your operations with our complete logistics management software.

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The only tool you need to deliver in line
with consumer expectations!

What if you could prevent all issues that may occur in a delivery round?

We’re here to assist in the delivery of your services and parcels from the warehouse all the way to their final destination - your customer. Together we can ensure a seamless, predictive last mile delivery process for all the stakeholders. Now it’s up to you to decide if you want to grow your business with us!

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Our solution


    Management Platform

    Reduce delivery costs with the dynamic dispatch feature, real-time driver tracking and more


    Driver Application

    Enable real-time status communication between driver, dispatcher and management. Prevent issues from disrupting your deliveries


    Customer Experience Module

    Deliver excellence, enabling real-time parcel tracking, customer-driver communication, exact ETA and service ratings


Management platform

Reduce delivery costs with
the dynamic dispatch feature,
real-time driver tracking and more

Customer Stories

"Live information and complete tracking of every single task"

“Since we have been using URBANTZ with our transport partner E-DELIV, we have seen a 60% reduction of the number of phone calls made with drivers regarding a delivery or a pick-up, allowing us to focus on other tasks.”

Thibaut Gouny - Tediber

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Find out what predictive delivery can do for your business

Test it out for free!

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Putting your logistics
management needs
at ease

Logistics Intelligence

Get all necessary insights
in real time and
anticipate consumer demand.

Cost reduction

Reduce costs and optimize
working resources.


Gain end-to-end
supply chain visibility.

Guided Onboarding

Starting with URBANTZ is a piece of
cake with included process analysis,
implementation and training to help
meet the specific needs of your company

Automatic API integration

Our API integration will enable
you to easily transfer and
retrieve data to/from URBANTZ

Dedicated CSM

A last mile delivery consultant will be
there at all times to advise you on
how to further improve your delivery
processes and help your business grow

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