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Features | The complete solution for last mile delivery logistics

The Customer Experience

Ship from Store

Ship products to customers more efficiently from their nearest store.

Customer notification

Stay transparent by notifying your customer about exact ETA and keeping your driver in contact with the recipients.

Seamless experience

Deliver equally good quality services by managing multiple fleets at the same time, both owned and outsourced.

White Label

Fully customize the look of the Web application to highlight your own brand.

Customer feedback

Collect valuable feedback about your service right after delivery.

The Management Platform

Administrator and user

Create and remove accounts as needed. Users can manage their own personal details.

Round Optimisation

The optimization process generates the best rounds based on input and constraints to save resources.

Sender integration

Simple API integration. Send parcels, retrieve round data and receive delivery status information.

First and last mile

Combine pickups and deliveries in the same round to reduce unnecessary trips to the warehouse.

Real time tracking

Track the delivery operations, monitor the activity and easily anticipate possible issues.


View activity and quality reports to find out how your process can improve.

Dispatch & Deliver

Smart alerts

Keep your employees informed about traffic status and obstacles to prevent delays.

Easy onboarding

Once deliveries are scheduled, the software assigns rounds to validated drivers. This may include members of your own fleet, contracted or freelance drivers.

Step by step guidance

The application navigates the driver through the delivery sequence.

Proof of delivery

The application allows the proof of delivery to be registered immediately and in various forms e.g. signature, photo, scan, etc.

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