Fully white label

This is your platform, and we make it our priority to make it look that way. Rebrand it to boast your identity or, on request of your clients, make it theirs. We can rebrand all interfaces, in the browser with a custom URL (using a proxy) or prepare mobile apps with a custom Logo, Splash and Theme.

The administrator is able to fully customize the branding of our Web application. Within the platform settings you can choose a theme colour, insert your logo, icon and a background picture for the login page. On request, we can implement a fully white label version of URBANTZ that will totally disappear as brand

More customizations than you can imagine...

The key word in URBANTZ’s philosophy is openness. This means the ability to welcome any requirements requested from your customers, be it process driven, aesthetics or in terms of functionalities and communication. With all the options packed in this incredible package, we aim to help you set up your workflows through the use of simple toggle buttons and a lean interface.