5 Myths of the Last Mile

octubre 1, 2019
What are the 5 most common myths of the last mile? Where do these myths come from? What is the real deal? We researched to find out what the truth is.

The Last Mile is one of the most expensive parts of a delivery process, accounting for over 50% of costs. If you bust the myths, you will see that there are ways to reduce these expenses without cutting on the quality, time or efficiency of the delivery.

Myth 1. Logistics is not ready to innovate: Data is not trustworthy

Actually… it is! And partnerships are key. Logistics companies cooperate to build a data-driven process based on transparency.

Myth 2. Pen and paper still do the job: Experience is enough to create and manage rounds

In fact… new solutions offer better results. Real-time tracking and traceability help reducing the delivery time and increase success rates.

Myth 3. Communication between drivers and dispatchers is a mess: It’s hard to know where the drivers are

Well… real-time tracking and contact already exist. Some solutions can track and keep record of the delivery for both dispatchers and clients.

Myth 4. It’s not possible to manage both outsourced and owned fleets: Omnichannel systems and outsourcing complicate the supply chain

That’s a myth… last mile solutions can handle both outsourcing and in-house fleets. Dispatchers coordinate several fleets in the same tool, with a better overview of the operations and time savings.

Myth 5. Customers are not part of the process: The customer experience is not affected by delivery

In fact… over 60% of clients admit a positive delivery experience influences their purchase choice. Client feedback can lead to operational improvement.

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