Podcast: The Impact of COVID-19 on Home Deliveries

abril 2, 2020

Michael Darchambeau, Urbantz Chief Strategy Officer, is the special guest The Postal Hub podcast with Ian Kerr to discuss the impact of COVID-19 in e-commerce and last mile, and how to prepare for the post-pandemic world. Listen the episode here:



In this episode Michael and Ian look into explaining the challenges and opportunities for e-commerce and the last mile, and explore:

● The sudden boom in e-commerce – including grocery delivery, and how e-commerce merchants are capitalising on the boom.

● Using creativity in the last mile to cope with the drastic growth: how to enable local e-commerce.

● The increasing of capacity in response to a surge in orders: longer wait times for deliveries, delivery windows filling, ow to deliver faster, warehouses and personnel (including drivers), automation and scaling up operations.

● How to cope with staff shortages: fast on-boarding of new drivers, how Urbantz helped Red Cross France with the rapid expansion of its COVID-19 home delivery service.

● How Carrefour is innovating to serve customers who aren’t tech-savvy.

● Contactless delivery options for residential delivery.

● Balancing loads across networks and route optimisation.

● Communicating with the customer during delivery (interactive delivery management) and the customer experience: real time notifications and the impact on reducing calls to customer support.

● Preparing for the post-COVID19 world: the importance of agility, technology to serve the market, the risk of putting projects on hold, will new e-commerce customers stick with e-commerce after the COVID-19 threat recedes, fast delivery and green delivery trends.

● Changes to the supply chain, including local fulfilment.

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