RFP requirements template for last mile delivery management systems

RFP requirements template for last mile delivery management systems

This 'list of requirements' RFP template is designed to help you understand the features and functionality that a best-of-breed specialist platform for last mile delivery management should be able to offer in 2021-22.

We've split the requirements by environment and topic to make it easier to consume and compare offerings across different providers.

The list was compiled based on our in-depth understanding of the urban logistics industry and in co-operation with a selection of our customers - to ensure coverage across their specific use cases and requirements for effective last mile delivery management.

1. Platform

1-1. Setup and configuration


  • 1-1-a. Set up distribution centres/hubs/depots with operational times and restrictions
  • 1-1-b. Configure distribution center working hours
  • 1-1-c. Configure distribution center loading times, offloading times and vehicle capacity
  • 1-1-d. Add external carriers to which the platform will assign delivery jobs
  • 1-1-e. Easily integrate platform with external carrier technology systems
  • 1-1-f. Option to configure external carriers to access a locked platform environment - often called an "associated platform". Typically useful for smaller carriers without their own route optimisation systems

1-2. Fleet management


  • 1-2-a. Support vehicle setup parameters: capacity, weight, volume and any special features (e.g. refrigeration, lift, crane)
  • 1-2-b. Configure vehicle capacity parameters and dimensions specific to delivery type and workflows (e.g. pallets, boxes, barrels, crates)
  • 1-2-c. Set vehicle cost parameters (cost per day, per hour, per km driven, etc)
  • 1-2-d. Set special vehicle restrictions (e.g. range, length of shift, type of driver license)
  • 1-2-e. Option to flag vehicles for specific capabilities (e.g. refrigeration, loading from both sides, electric, crane)
  • 1-2-f. Set vehicle acceleration and cruising speed figures

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