Le dernier kilomètre est la clé du succès d’e-commerce

janvier 19, 2021
 “Everything turned upside down almost overnight” – Marek Rozicky on last-mile delivery in 2020.

2020 was…eventful. Sure, we expected a shortage of drivers and an increase in home deliveries, which would’ve led to slight capacity issues. But Covid-19 exacerbated everything. The ensuing surge in home deliveries was so overwhelming that some major carriers had to impose restrictions on retailers.

Most retailers crumbled under that pressure, while the Amazons of this world soared. Why is that? And how can you as a retailer make your company thrive in these conditions? We asked Ian Kerr – founder of the Postal Hub Podcast , Marek Rozicky – Managing Partner at Last Mile Experts and our CCO Yuval Tori to lay out a blueprint for retailers to succeed in 2021.

On top of that, Yuval created the free Urbantz Retail Last Mile Competence checklist with which you can assess and boost your last-mile operations for 2021. Get yours here.

  • Why Amazon, Zalando and other e-commerce behemoths thrived (spoiler: because of capacity, visibility and technology)

  • How you can scale your capacity, and make your operations accordion-like or asset-agnostic.
  • Why flexible and adaptable technology is the secret sauce.
  • Why and how you should regain control of the delivery experience.
  • What you need to manage numerous carriers easily and regain control over your operations.

We would love to help you improve your last mile operations, share best practices from your industry counterparts and show you “the future of delivery management” – technology-wise. Click on the button and book your free demo.