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Our pricing model is designed to be as simple and transparent as possible.

It doesn’t matter how many dispatchers and drivers use the platform and app, or the number of carriers you add.

The only thing you pay for is deliveries, which can be dropoffs or pickups. And thanks to our scaling discounts, the higher your delivery volume, the less you pay per job.

Urbantz is a delivery management platform, or TMS, designed specifically for the last mile. We provide real-time delivery slot scheduling, dynamic route planning, driver workflow customisation and recipient experience management – all in one solution.

Unlike other off-the-shelf solutions, Urbantz is built to be as easy-to-use and flexible as possible, meaning you can configure every aspect of the solution to your specific business requirements, without the need for any code.

We’ve invested tens of thousands of developer days since 2015, building our platform from the ground up to serve the needs of businesses with high-volume delivery operations.

If you need to plan and execute deliveries at scale – in a way that is both efficient and sustainable – then our delivery management software is for you.

Whether you operate your own fleet, manage a multi-carrier network, or run a combination of the two. No matter your setup, we’ve got you covered.

Because of the sheer amount of configurability available in the Urbantz platform, we don’t offer a trial. But you can get a free, personalised demo of the features that separate us from the competition.

Just fill in the form at the bottom of this page to get started or click here.

We’ll ask you for a few specifics about your delivery operation and then start building a tailored demo environment.

We can even populate it with your own sample or dummy data, for a more accurate representation. Fill in the form at the bottom of the page to get started or click here.

Thanks to our best-of-breed APIs, it’s easy to add any OMS, WMS or ERP tool, no matter how complex. You can check out our documentation here. Most of the big name players have already been pre-integrated meaning you can get set up even quicker.

Adding your carriers to the mix is easy with our APIs. We already have Europe’s largest ecosystem of pre-integrated carriers, with 80+ of the biggest 3PLs operating across the continent set up and ready to go within the platform.

Great! We’d love to answer it. You can contact us with queries or talk to us about booking a demo here.

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