Post-purchase communication for delivery success

Build customer trust and drive first-time delivery success by maintaining excellent lines of communication between dispatchers, drivers and recipients.
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Creating a more informed recipient experience

Pre-populate SMS and email templates for any scenario
Use branded delivery tracking pages to keep recipients informed
Drive consumer trust and turn customers into advocates
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Happier recipients that advocate for your brand

Cut failed deliveries
Boost delivery success rates by sharing real-time status updates with recipients and keeping drivers informed of their preferences.
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Turn losses into wins
Head off recipient complaints about delayed, failed or lost orders and drive trust by proactively updating them when things don’t go to plan.
Drive brand advocacy
Choose the exact scenarios in which to ask for recipient feedback and turn consumers into brand advocates generating five-star reviews.
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The power to shape the customer journey

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Real-time communication to drive delivery success

Drive successful deliveries with three-way synchronisation of updates between dispatchers, drivers and recipients.

  • Share delivery and returns updates with recipients
  • Ensure drivers have up-to-date delivery instructions
  • Let dispatchers head off issues as they arise
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Messaging that inspires consumer loyalty

Keep recipients onside with configurable status updates for deliveries, returns, delays or any other outcome.

  • Create proactive, on-brand messaging for any scenario
  • Use SMS, OTP and email for multi-channel engagement
  • Drive trust by proactively acknowledging delays
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Configurable surveys and feedback

Create sequences for different circumstances to generate the recipient feedback you need.

  • Generate NPS-style feedback on your tracking page
  • Integrate with Trustpilot to generate authentic reviews
  • Address issues proactively before recipients complain

See how simple it is to deliver more with Urbantz

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