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  • Let's Partner Up
  • Let's Partner Up
  • Let's Partner Up
  • Let's Partner Up
  • Let's Partner Up
  • Let's Partner Up
  • Let's Partner Up
  • Let's Partner Up
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Let's Partner Up

We welcome partnerships and alliances that will help us offer more to our customers.
Whether you have a complementary technology product or an idea for a joint go-to-market, we'd love to hear from you.

Want to work with us?

Partnership Programs

Strengthen your existing software, your service offering and your ability to address business issues with our proven logistics management solution.

Software Vendor

Does your company develop software linked to logistics? We will provide a powerful tool to help your customers regain control over their delivery operations and provide stellar customer experiences.


Does your company provide a consulting practice for retail, e-commerce, logistics or grocery delivery? With Urbantz, your clients can align with current omnichannel needs, and expectations easily and quickly.


Are you in process consulting, IT system integration for the supply chain such as ERP, Stock Management, Fulfilment, TMS or WMS? Urbantz is easy to integrate and can serve as a complete last mile problem-solving solution for your clients.


Do you have relevant connections in our target countries, along with excellent connections in verticals such as retail, e-commerce, logistics big and bulky or grocery delivery? URBANTZ is the provider to refer to your potential customers.

Industry Leaders Rely on Urbantz

Let's Share Expertise and Rise Together

Sharing knowledge and expertise leads to growth. Here’s why we should start collaborating.

New Doors

Let’s join forces to offer a complete service and help a wide array of businesses thrive.

Share and Grow
With Us

Help us address your customers’ last-mile delivery challenges with the world’s most innovative and configurable delivery management platform.

Boost your

Enable your customers to offer a better customer experience while keeping the delivery cost down.

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Experience a Smarter Way to Optimise Your Last-Mile Delivery Operation

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