Give recipients greater flexibility and peace of mind

Show the real-time availability of your carriers at checkout to increase order completions, cut failed deliveries and steer consumers towards booking the most optimal delivery slots.

Get updates from all your carriers in milliseconds

Before an order is confirmed, the Urbantz platform makes an API call to your carriers, passing real-time information about future delivery slot capacity directly to your ecommerce platform.
Behind the scenes, sophisticated logic is used to assess service time, restrict or rank slots and steer consumers towards optimal times. All as part of your checkout experience.
See real-time delivery slots in action

Dynamic delivery slots, route planning and recipient experience in one platform

Accurate delivery promises
Cut failed deliveries and customer complaints with more precise scheduling across your carriers.
Personalised delivery experiences
Drive repeat purchases with delivery experiences customised by recipient or order type.
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Ranked slots that steer consumers
Boost efficiency and cut emissions by steering consumers to the most efficient delivery slots.
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Show your actual delivery capacity at checkout

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Cut failed deliveries with an API call

Give consumers flexibility and meet your delivery commitments by checking in real-time when carriers can fulfil an order.

  • Connect to all your carriers via a single API
  • Configure delivery service times by item or task type
  • Ensure delivery slots reflect real carrier capacity
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Boost CX with dynamic delivery options

Differentiate delivery slots by customer type, order value, service time and more to create personalised, compliant experiences.

  • Set delivery slot restrictions for items such as alcohol
  • Allocate more slots to your premium customers
  • Define rescheduling options and planning cut-off times
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Improve drop density by ranking slots

Begin optimising future delivery routes by ranking slots to steer consumers towards the most optimal delivery choices.

  • Promote slots with confirmed deliveries nearby
  • Discount slots for greener vehicles and carriers
  • Prioritise fuller slots to improve vehicle utilisation

Dynamic delivery slots from all your carriers with a single API

Migrate your entire carrier network to Urbantz with a single connection to our platform. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.
All we need from you
  • Integrate with the Urbantz platform
  • A list of the carriers you need
Everything you get from us
  • Any carrier integrated for a fixed cost within days
  • Ongoing maintenance of integrations
  • Monitoring and control tools
  • Free access for your carriers to the Urbantz platform
  • Ability to easily grow your carrier network
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