Green Logistics
in the Last Mile

Love your last mile, hate emissions. Build sustainable logistics at scale and bring your carbon footprint tumbling down with our pioneering approach to green delivery.

The Green Logistics Platform
for Real Change, Not Fluffy PR

Cut Emissions Today,
Not Tomorrow

Enjoy the advantages of green logistics in an instant. Optimise your operations towards more sustainable last mile delivery experiences to cut CO2 emissions across vehicles, fleets and carriers.

Exceed Corporate
Responsibility Targets

Good enough is no longer good enough. Whatever green logistics challenges you face, we give you the tools to overcome them and strive for net zero emissions in your last mile deliveries.

Win Like-Minded

Whether you’re a logistics firm working with retailers or a retailer managing your own deliveries, drive sustainable CX for greater stickiness among eco-minded customers with green delivery slots.

Build Sustainable Logistics at Scale with Urbantz

Best of Breed Features for Sustainable
Logistics Management

Smart Green Delivery Slots for More
Sustainable Logistics

The Intelligent Approach to Delivery Slot Management

Win the last mile before you even begin optimising with Smart Scheduling. Through clever carrier integrations, we can show future delivery timeslot availability at the point of sale – minimising abandoned baskets and cutting down on failed first-time delivery attempts.

Next, we’re launching green delivery slots to smartly define, rank and visualise upcoming delivery windows by their eco impact. So you can encourage consumers to choose more sustainable last mile delivery options that will cut your fleet emissions and operational costs.


Incentivise consumers to select green delivery slots so you can increase the drop density of your routes and influence delivery preferences, for better capacity planning.​

Higher Conversion

Present delivery options earlier in the purchasing journey to cut the number of abandoned shopping baskets and increase your conversion rates.


Keep green-minded consumers better informed and help them make greener delivery choices to increase their loyalty to your brand.

Green Intelligence: Never
Before Seen Technology

Developing the functionality for smart green delivery slots that we have always envisioned meant building a new algorithm from scratch. So that’s what we’re doing.

Our algorithm will consider time of day; proximity to already scheduled deliveries, anticipated drop density, historic traffic data, internal and external fleet capacity, required service time and much more.

It will interact with e-commerce platforms in milliseconds for a seamless consumer experience, assessing dozens of parameters to rank available scheduled delivery time slots, surfacing this information back into your platform.

0 %

of consumers will choose a green-labelled delivery slot if  given the choice*.

Give them choice.

*Research by Rotterdam School of Management, 2020

Measure and Cut Your CO2 Emissions

Announcing: Eco Driving Dashboard

We’re using powerful AI-backed analytics to crunch masses of data and accurately gauge CO2 emissions for every package, route, driver and carrier. You’ll be able to measure and segment your carbon footprint to build more sustainable logistics practices.

These insights will then be surfaced in a beautiful dashboard you can easily configure for instant eco intelligence.

How Intelligent
Eco Driving Works

The Urbantz drivers’ app is capable of gathering dozens of data points in real-time using smartphone sensors, including travel speeds, acceleration, braking, direction and rotational speed and plenty more.

This rich data will feed powerful machine learning algorithms. The AI is able to produce more than 150 insights on the performance of your last mile delivery operation across topics such as energy consumption, eco driving, safety, pollutant emissions and even component wear for tyres and brakes.

All this data will be easily accessible in the Control Tower, where you can turn it into sustainability reports, green logistics strategies to reduce emissions and eco-friendly objectives for your drivers.

Measure Your CO2

Encourage green logistics practices through more informed decision making with powerful and configurable reporting on all aspects of your last mile sustainability performance.​

Rank Driver &
Carrier Performance

Compare eco performance between drivers and carriers to make operational and business decisions in support of a sustainable delivery service.

Coach Your

Coach drivers on the most eco-friendly and cost-effective ways to navigate their routes. Keep drivers engaged and motivated through in-app objectives and challenges.

Show Off Your Green Delivery Credentials

Get the Urbantz Sustainable Delivery Label

Over the years, our platform has enabled customers to make drastic reductions in CO2 emissions across their last mile delivery operations. With Urbantz, they can achieve the highest level of eco-friendliness recognition and award.

We developed the Urbantz Sustainable Delivery label to help consumers and the wider industry recognise which companies walk the walk as well as talking the talk when it comes to sustainable deliveries.

Sustainable Branding for your Deliveries

Add the label to your vehicles, driver uniforms, website and marketing materials so customers know you are delivering on emissions reductions.

Help Push the Industry Forward

By working with Urbantz, you can ensure your delivery operation is a best-in-class example of sustainabilityin the last mile for others to follow.

Appeal to New Consumer Demands

Consumer attitudes are greener than ever. Carrying the label tells recipients your values are aligned when it comes to eco-friendly deliveries.

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