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Green logistics
in the last mile

Love your last mile, hate emissions. Build sustainable logistics at scale and bring your carbon footprint tumbling down with our pioneering approach to green delivery.

The green logistics platform for real change

Steer consumers to
green delivery slots

Show real-time delivery slot availability at checkout to cut failed delivery attempts. Rank slots by their environmental impact to nudge consumers towards the greenest choices.

Optimise for more
sustainable deliveries

Whatever green logistics challenges you face, we give you the tools to overcome them and strive for net zero emissions in your last mile deliveries.

Insights into your
last mile CO2 footprint

Measure and track carbon emissions per delivery, driver or route to build up a complete picture of your sustainability performance and CO2 savings over time.

See how easy it is to build sustainable logistics with Urbantz

Smart green delivery slots for sustainable
logistics management


Incentivise consumers to select green delivery slots so you can increase the drop density of your routes and influence delivery preferences, for better capacity planning.​

Higher conversion

Present delivery options earlier in the purchasing journey to cut the number of abandoned shopping baskets and increase your conversion rates.


Keep green-minded consumers better informed and help them make greener delivery choices to increase their loyalty to your brand.

The intelligent way to manage delivery slots

Win the last mile before you optimise a single route. With real-time delivery slots, you can show the actual availability of carriers at checkout – increasing order completion rates and cutting down on failed deliveries.

Behind the scenes, we can restrict or rank slots as you require to steer consumers towards optimal times, promoting slots with confirmed deliveries nearby or discounting slots with greener carriers or vehicles.

0 %

of consumers will choose a green delivery slot if given the choice*.

Give them choice.

*Research by Rotterdam School of Management, 2020

Optimise for more sustainable
delivery experiences

Deliveries powered by our eco-friendly algorithms

The AI-powered algorithms underpinning our dynamic route planner are always being refined to further improve efficiency and reduce fleet mileage.

It lets you efficiently combine deliveries and collections within the same rounds, ensuring optimal use of vehicle capacity throughout the day.

Vehicle-based routing

Our commercial-grade mapping data routes vehicles differently based on their traits, so it knows a bike can cut through the park but a van can’t.

Prioritise EVs and bikes

Choose the vehicle types you wish to prioritise. Or mark out areas – near depots, in ULEZs, around parks – where only green vehicles can deliver.

Prefer greener carriers

Choose green carrier allocation rules. You can mark out areas – near depots, in ULEZs, around parks – and set restraints to ensure bikes or EVs are used here.

Measure the green performance of
your carriers

Measure the CO2 emissions of your deliveries and returns CO2, taking into account vehicle type, mileage, speed, time on the road and more.

See how easy it is to build sustainable logistics with Urbantz