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Blog | Is flexible delivery good for business?

"With an increasing amount of online stores popping up and the open market allowing to ship items from across the world, each year more and more transactions are being made. In order to keep up with this new consumer behavior, businesses not only need t

Blog | Warehousing is the solution for urban spaces

‘‘Starting from free shipping, through speedy deliveries, we’ve come to the point where shoppers expect their parcels to arrive on the same day or even in a matter of hours along with an outstanding customer experience and accurate tracking options

Blog | Should You Outsource Your Delivery or Keep it In-House?

Outsourcing is not new, but it can define success for a business. The new trends around the sharing economy and new ways to deliver are very appealing for companies to outsource their deliveries, but is outsourcing a good choice? Continu

Blog | Ant Portrait: Michael Darchambeau

Today we talk with Michael Darchambeu. Co-founder and VP Business Development at URBANTZ, Michael is an advocate for sustainability and imprits his passion in our business model.

This is a part of a series of interviews with URBANTZ employees or Antz like...

Blog | Happy 4th Birthday to us!

It’s our anniversary! 4 years ago Jon, Michael and Melanie started URBANTZ with the dream to build a product, a company and a team. To celebrate, we invited 4 members of our team, Gabrielle, Damien, Francisca and Bart to share how it is to work at the URBANTZ C

Blog | 4 Business Lessons for our 4th Birthday

4 years ago today, we started URBANTZ with the goal of becoming a market reference in the last-mile management sector. To celebrate this day, we look back on what we’ve accomplished and what we want to achieve in the future.

What have we learned alon...

Blog | From Spain: what are the ecommerce trends?

From the 26th to 28th June, Barcelona welcomed the biggest ecommerce trade show in the country. You could find us there among industry leaders and major innovators, networking, discussing everything to do with last-mile delivery and following confere

Blog | How Logistics leaders see Last Mile delivery

URBANTZ joined the logistics industry leaders and innovators to discuss the future of last mile delivery at this year’s edition of Leaders in Logistics in London.

The day long conference focused on bringing together the different solutions, tech...

Blog | The summer reading list for the logistics manager

With summer approaching it’s time to think about a well-deserved vacation. No office, no calls, just you, the sun and a good book to replenish your strength (and gain some new knowledge). These are our favourites for a relaxed summer:

width=1. Th...

Learn how to deliver in Low Emission Zones
Interview with Melanie Applincourt, URBANTZ COO
Digital transformation in logistics
Is your Supply Chain Sustainable?
SITL 2019 Bringing Innovation to Logistics
Digital transformation in logistics
Dealing with the returns problem
Blog | Meet Urbantz, your TMS 2.0

…your real efficiency lifesaver

A Transportation Management System can make supply chain and logistics an easier task. This technology can improve efficiency and simplify the whole process. Many shippers and logistics service providers around the world are alr...

Blog | What no one talks about when it comes to TMS

…and more importantly, why your logistics need TMS 2.0

A TMS can be a lifesaver for shippers and logistics service providers who manage supply chain and logistics. There comes a time when every business owner realizes the importance of automatio...

Blog | Why you should adopt a chatbot

When it comes to technology, we must adapt. Many businesses are already doing it as the benefits are well-known. Either if it’s by simplifying processes, saving time, faster improvement or getting the chance to focus on other important things. The adoption of ne...

Blog | How to survive the holiday season

Brace yourselves for the Christmas shopping craziness

One of the most festive times of the year is just around the corner. Christmas season means family time, friend reunions, lots of love, parties, and presents! We love to give and receive. There is simpl...

Blog | Outsmarting Amazon was never this easy

The ship from store model as a secret weapon

Blog | Why training delivery drivers is a mess!'

The word is out. As mentioned in Ready-purchased-go!, mobile has created high demands when it comes to online shopping and delivery. Consumers want their items delivered fast. To keep customers happy, retailers and carriers need efficient delivery...

Blog | Let’s get AI, shall we?

From A to Z of an artificial mind

We’ve all heard of Victor Frankenstein’s famous scientific creation, Machine Men and other types of cyborg assassin killing machines. No matter whether they’re defenders or potential dangers to the human kind, Artificial Intelligence...

Blog | Ready-purchased-go!

Keep it up, retailers. We want it NOW!

Why relying on a 3rd party business solution is better than building your own
Blog | my URBANTZ experience

After spending a 6 months internship at URBANTZ, I can now write a few words to sum up my experience.

Blog | The ecological footprint of road transport

What’s Earth Overshoot Day?

Blog | Happy birthday to us!

The story of how URBANTZ came to be

Blog | Why logistics could destroy our planet

You don’t have to be an environmentalist or be passionate about logistics to know that this sector is one of the biggest sources of major air pollutants.

Blog | An ant in the colony

Confessions of an intern at a start-up

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