1. Grow the business
  2. Self-employed drivers
  3. Fully white label
  4. Customizable process
  5. Significant performance improvement
  6. Transparent pricing

Web Application

Admin and User Management

As an admin you can easily create new accounts and deactivate when needed. All users can also manage their own personal details.

Sender Integration

URBANTZ can easily integrate with other systems. Our APIs enable your customers to send parcels, retrieve round information and get real time feedback about the parcel delivery status.

Account and Service Management

URBANTZ offers the possibility to define and manage your own services. Your customer can select the services they are contracted to use and to pass corresponding orders.


Both you and your customer can see activity and quality reports. You can see an overview and drill down to a specific period in time. This allows you to have indicators on the area to improve.

Rounds Optimisation

Based on different inputs and constraints, the optimisation process provides you with the best rounds that limit the cost.

First and Last Mile Consolidation

With URBANTZ you can mix pickups and deliveries in the same round. Depending on your process the collected items will be delivered in the same round or will go back to a hub.

Real Time Tracking

You can track the delivery operations in real time. It is very simple to monitor the activity and anticipate issues.

Smart Alerts

Our smart alerts inform your employees about events that could lead to a delay for the end customer. They can react and improve the service.

Customer Notifications

We notify the end customer about the estimated time of arrival. The customer can relax as he knows exactly when the driver will arrive.

Mobile Application

Rounds Preparation

With URBANTZ dispatcher application preparing the rounds is quicker and easier than ever before. Just scan a parcel, URBANTZ tells (yes it actually talks!) you the corresponding round number and sequence.

Invitations for Gigs

Once deliveries are scheduled and rounds are generated, “invitations” for “missions” are sent out to the drivers who have registered and have been validated.

Step-by-step Guidance

With the URBANTZ application the driver can just follow the sequence and deliver the parcels.

Proof of Delivery

Based on your delivery process URBANTZ will ask for a proof of delivery (signature, image, scan, etc.). The driver does not have to know the process, he just needs to follow the instructions.