Demo on demand for grocers and supermarkets

Demo on demand for grocers and supermarkets

Say Hello to Urbantz.

It’s the best answer to one of the biggest questions for grocers and supermarkets.

How do you scale deliveries sustainably as the complexity of your operation grows?

The Last Mile is the shortest part of the supply chain journey. But it’s huge in costs and emissions. As your reach expands, your delivery network can become a tangle of internal fleets and external carriers. Each with their own specialisms, constraints, coverage and costs.

Success means scale, scale means complexity. And complexity kills clarity.

Clarity into a mission-critical process and one of your most important customer touchpoints. And without clarity, you can’t be in control.

All this despite the fact that today’s consumers will hold your brand liable for bad delivery experiences. Even if you outsource to a third-party carrier!

Urbantz is a cloud platform that lets the largest grocers and supermarkets manage mission-critical last mile deliveries easily across all their carriers in one place.

Where we’re different is how far we go in empowering you to cut through all the complexity. Because by doing so, you can finally achievethe clarity to own you last mile.

This video highlights the biggest features that set our platform apart. We’ll look at some of the unique experiences your dispatchers, drivers and customers have to look forward to with Urbantz.

We'll look at:

  • Intro (00:00 - 01:30)
  • Automated Allocation and Route Optimisation (01:31 - 02:59)
  • Smart Optimisation (03:00 - 04:53)
  • Easy Carrier Management (04:54 - 05:59)
  • Flexible Workflows (06:00 - 07:06)
  • Onboarding and Supporting Drivers (07:07 - 08:02)
  • Sustainable Deliveries (08:03 - 09:46)
  • On-Brand Delivery Experience (09:47 - 10:49)
  • Summary (10:50 - 11:26)

If you take away anything from this video, let it be this…

Working with Urbantz is the easiest way for grocers and supermarkets with large order volumes to configure, control and monitor last mile delivery experiences.

These experiences will ring true to the needs of their business AND their customers – no matter the complexity of their delivery networks.

That's why some of the biggest supermarket brands across Europe and beyond rely on our platform for their mission-critical deliveries in the final mile.

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