Webinar: Can the Chinese delivery ecosystem become a role model for the UK & the EU?

April 23, 2020
As of 2019, China’s e-commerce penetration had reached 36.6% of retail sales. The combination of consumer digital maturity and digitally supported supply chains has helped Chineese retailers to stay afloat. In Europe, however, the digital landscape seems rather less favorable, up to this moment.

The coronavirus pandemic is making entire countries restrict movements, highly affecting the delivery capabilities of companies that prove to be more essential than ever. China, the first country to impose restrictions, was in a better position to tackle these challenges due to its strong delivery tech ecosystem. Urbantz organised and live interactive webinar with Affiliate Professor of Strategy it INSEAD, Chengy Lin and our last mile experts Byron Dunee and Hadi Harb. Together, they looked to the readiness of the European and British markets to adapt to the boom in ecommerce and manage the high volume of deliveries.

Professor Lin gives us insight into the “4 readiness”, pillars to make the delivery ecosystem able to adapt and more resilient to crisis: consumer patternstechnologyurban logisticsregulations.

“The combination of consumer digital maturity and digitally supported supply chains has enabled local residents to organize home delivery of essential supplies to people in self-quarantine. In the gated communities and neighborhoods that characterize Beijing, for example, residents have organized small groups of volunteers via group chat apps to receive supplies at the gate for the whole community, box them for each household, and deliver them to people’s doorsteps.”

These and other insights about the European ecommerce and delivery ecosystem have been presented at the webinar. You can find out more by watching the full recording of the webinar here:

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