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Package delivery in low emission zones

Transport companies are very environmentally-conscious and eager to find solutions to keep accessing restricted urban areas. Pollution is a big concern for our group and CityLogin offers a solution to this problem. However, it was clear we needed technology to optimize our fleet capacity and control routing to ensure we maintain the high standards of sustainable urban delivery service.
Alfonso Lopez Hernandez

CityLogin is the sustainable last mile delivery carrier, created in 2014 by the international logistics provider FM Logistics, aimed in offering eco-friendly delivery services to businesses and consumers. CityLogin was born in Italy with the objective to reduce the pollution and congestion caused by delivering goods in Rome, the first European city to restrict vehicle access to its historical city center. Since then, CityLogin expanded its brand and operations across the largest European capitals, including Paris, Moscow, and Madrid. Today, CityLogin’s fleet in Spain includes over 250 vehicles, out of which almost a half has an ECO or Zero-emission label.

We considered four or five different solutions, which had their pros and cons, but in the end we chose Urbantz. Apart from a more visual and user- friendly environment, Urbantz was born with a sole purpose in mind: offering a solution for last mile deliveries. This specialization was clear and important for us.


Alfonso Lopez Hernandez


Green deliveries require smart solutions

First low-emission zones (LEZ) were introduced in Sweden in the 1990s and are now established in more than 250 cities. Authorities are increasing these zones as they reduce air pollution.

Madrid saw a decrease in the NO2 concentration by 32% after implementing a LEZ in its city center. Measures vary by city but are clearly becoming stricter every year. Some local governments allow carriers to enter the city only if they use eco-friendly fleets. This is creating an ever-increasing pressure for transport companies and retailers who want to keep delivering in urban areas.

Providing eco-friendly last mile delivery services has determined the focus areas for CityLogin. Routing optimization, real-time control, and visibility over the fleet became essential for the maximized reduction of their environmental impact.

Integrating a last mile delivery management solution was critical for CityLogin to control our fleet and optimize daily rounds with Geolocalisation and 360° real-time visibility over daily delivery operations. At the same time, we wanted to provide transparency on our service to clients and offer an advanced delivery experience to consumers.


Alfonso Lopez Hernandez

To tackle the challenges of sustainable last mile delivery service CityLogin determined several key requirements:
  • Route optimization
  • Visibility and planning of orders assigned for each vehicle
  • Real-time geolocalisation of drivers and deliveries
  • Real-time tracking of delivery status with the possibility
  • to take pictures for possible disputes resolution
  • Track & trace option for the end-customers
  • Customer’s signature functionality and customer experience module to rate the delivery service

All-in-One solution for maximized performance

To respond to CityLogin’s specific requirements, Urbantz
offered an all-in-one solution. A set of modules focused on three main areas: Delivery Management & Optimization, Driver Management, and Customer Experience. After collecting their list of must-have parameters, such as ecological requirements, vehicle specifications, processing timelines, and others, Urbantz set up a powerful functionality. It included automatic optimisation of CityLogin’s delivery routes, management and control of parcels journey, as well as notification of recipients about precise time of deliveries. Another crucial task for Urbantz platform was to enhance delivery operations for one of CityLogin’s key customers, an international furniture retailer with stores in Madrid. The platform had to offer a flexible setup for three different delivery flows, where parcels can come from the store, from a Centralised Consumer Distribution center and from e-Commerce orders, on a daily basis.

Success even in times of disruption

For CityLogin, sustainability is more than a buzzword. The company tries to be environmentally responsible in every aspect of its operations. Since integrating Urbantz, CityLogin was able to strengthen its delivery management by using efficient route planning and vehicle utilization.

Those who would be managing the platform are able to monitor the whole process from one dashboard and anticipate problems before they even occur. This helps CityLogin to build better relationships with their customers. Some of the company’s major clients have recognised the high quality of the service provided, highlighting the top ratings from end-customers to the overall delivery experience and the overall process transparency brought by Urbantz platform.

It is not just customers sharing their positive feedback. Urbantz’s easy to use mobile application collects very positive feedback amongst drivers. Today, they save significant time thanks to automation and optimization of rounds.

Since integrating Urbantz, CityLogin has grown their new clients’ locations portfolio, quickly onboarding them to their new operations system. The flexibility and scalability of the system helped the company adapt to the abrupt growth of delivery operations during the coronavirus lockdown, when the number of tasks grew exponentially, compared to the beginning of 2020.

“It is easy to scale your business operations with the help of a tool such as Urbantz, it allows you to integrate new clients and add new flows fast and easily. I believe having a last-mile solution like Urbantz is essential for all kinds of B2B and B2C delivery services. They would all benefit from adding technology to their businesses.”

Alfonso Lopez Hernandez – Managing Director CityLogin Iberia


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